Code of Conduct

The Institute also has a Model Code of Ethics to curb various social malpractices.

Initiatives for Social Good 

As enunciated in vision and mission, the college being the critical component of human development, is striving to equip students with knowledge and skills that allow them to make greater contribution to society. Appertained to it, the college is more conscious of its social responsibilities and is endeavoring hard to inculcate a value system among the students to address the cross cutting issues such Moral Values, Human Values, Professional Ethics, Ethical Values Gender Equality, Environmental Awareness, Climate Change etc.

The curriculum effectively integrates cross-cutting issues relevant to gender, environment and sustainability, human values and professional ethics and leads to a strong value-based holistic development of students. Various activities are organized throughout the year as part of the curriculum that help in this endeavor.

Gender Sensitivity

Gender related courses are an integral component of various programmes. Students are sensitized and encouraged to work towards gender equity from a cross-cultural perspective. Free counseling services are provided through a Counseling Cell. Gender sensitization camps are organized in slums and rural areas of Madhepura district that include, women’s rights, human rights, child rights, gender justice and gender equality.

The college organizes seminars, conferences, guest lectures, exhibitions, street plays and literary activities that help in gender sensitization. The college has a Cell which facilitates deliberations on pressing social issues related to women like sexual harassment, domestic violence etc. The college has also established Student’s Grievance and Redressal Cell etc.

Environment & Ecology

The College has an integrated rain water harvesting System. It has rain-water harvesting plant to conserve water and recharge ground water. There is an extensive ongoing tree plantation program. College celebrates the day of National importance as Earth day, Environment day and Ozone day. It is continually engaged in providing eco-friendly ambience by developing green parks / garden to preserve environment and heritage.

The vermi-composting units to minimize solid waste hazards 3 Unit NSS wing of the college is regularly organizing camps in different parts of Madhepura and other places to make people aware of sanitary conditions, environment protection, illiteracy eradication etc.

Swachch Bharat Summer Internship (SBSI) Abhiyan and Tree plantation programs which are introduced by the Indian Government.

NSS Wings of the college have done commendable jobs during floods in and around the district by acting in tune with state machineries and disaster teams in executing relief programme. The college has organized many seminars and workshops on such issues.

Human Values and Professional Ethics

Political science department help to inculcate human values among students. Guest lectures on value education have been organized for students. National festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day serve as a platform to enliven patriotic and moral values.

Different social activities have been initiated by the college like Health and Hygiene awareness programs, Medical check-up camps, AIDS awareness programs, Voter’s awareness program, Road safety Campaign, Blood donation camps, etc.


Using our NSS units our college aims to improve the knowledge base of students around our locality. Our seamless and borderless approach has made positive changes within the district.


Our commitment to the environment extends also to the sustainability of the environment. We invest in many green initiatives that result in direct energy-savings and carbon-footprint reduction practices.


We encourage social innovation and jumpstart collaboration among the youth. We are committed towards the development of society and partnerships.