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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in 2005 as per the guidelines. IQAC discharges the functions of planning, guiding and monitoring the quality of activities of the college. The institutional policy pertaining to quality assurance are as follows:

  1. Expansion and augmentation of infrastructure to ensure conducive ambience.
  2. Effective implementation of the projects and efficacious management.
  3. Sharing of resources and infrastructures for optimum utilization
  4. Motivating teachers for enhanced participation in research.
  5. Appreciation of the teachers and staff for developing professional skills.
  6. To ensure quality teaching and learning process and increased use of ICT enabled teaching along with traditional teaching


Above institution policy has yielded positive results.

  • The college leadership takes special care of implementing the IQAC decisions and many decisions of IQAC have been implemented
  • IQAC has stakeholders on committee and they offer valuable suggestions which are considered by the college leadership.
  • IQAC has external members on committee and they offer valuable suggestions which are considred by the college leadership.
  • IQAC has student representative also and their voices are attentively heeded Alumni provide valuable feedbacks.
  • IQAC has many teachers and staffs in the committee and they contribute significantly