Institutional Distinctiveness


Accredited by NAAC with Grade B in 2016, the main vision of the Institution is to empower the students and to motivate them to pursue knowledge, understand and acknowledge values, and accept social responsibilities. The Institution encourages Personality enrichment, Employability skill development, Entrepreneurial development, Language skill development of the students through different programs.

The college implements the university curriculum through a series of well-planned and effective teaching learning activities. Teachers are always keen to adopt to various approaches to enable the students to meet their individual needs. The institution always tries to identify and bridge the curriculum gaps if any and aims at imparting the content beyond syllabus so as to make the students interested in exploring their subject more and more. The institute organizes various programs for providing hands-on training to the students and to motivate them. The institution tries to nurture the social skills of the students by making them aware of and alive to their basic responsibilities as a part of their socio-cultural milieu.

The students are regularly exposed to the diverse social structures and their problems through the various programs organized by the NSS and NCC units of the college. The students undertake several activities of spreading social awareness about various burning topics of the contemporary time such as women health, HIV, environmental pollution, etc. Through these engagements, the students become increasingly aware of the various issues that cause problems to our modern existence.

The institution also promotes physical as well as mental fitness among the students in order to cultivate and boost skills like team spirit, confidence, decision making, mental strength, etc. Every year, the college organizes annual sports events for the students wherein students of all genders participate and show their sportsman spirit and teamwork. The institution also celebrates international Yoga Day each year. During the camps held at various village adopted by the institution through NSS, various physical and psychological activities like Yoga, exercises, outdoor sports etc are also conducted